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  ALYEUS (Pronounced Ah-Lie-Us)  
  Welcome to the home of Canadian modern prog-rock band ALYEUS. No need to take off your shoes, just come right in and stay awhile!
  Since you're here, you might as well familiarize yourself with all of the things you can do. Be sure to Listen to Music, check out Local Show Listings, read the Alyeus Blog for all recent News and Updates, Dig into the Concept Storyline or even stop by the Merch Store to get all your official Alyeus Merchandise.
  What Makes ALYEUS Different?
  Great question, glad you asked! First off, we're not only loving life in the progressive rock world, and jamming our way through various cities along the way, but we're also Entirely Concept Based! That's right, entirely! We're not talking one album, or a double CD release, or an EP...nope, entirely! Every song and Publication we release is in somehow tied into this detailed storyline we've conjured! Pretty cool eh?
  So, "where do we begin with this elaborate storyline?" you ask, it's actually quite simple. You see that album cover to your right? That bluey one with the ship? That's called Forty Days at Sea, and that's where our story begins...for now!
Forty Days at Sea, Debut Alyeus Album
Debut Full-Length CD Available NOW
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